I can help you with...

Voice Training: breathing, projection, pace, intonation and speech clarity.

Learn how to speak in public and control your delivery.

Verbal and non verbal communication:

physical presence.

Delivery and communication of your message in any situation: business or personal. Get heard.

Learn how to combat your nerves and to overcome your fears.

Confidence Building in front of the camera.

Interview technique and preparation: succeed in job interviews for new and current positions.

Speech Coaching: story, voice, presence.

Speak with confidence: podcast, in front of the camera for social media, TV, etc.

Confidence building: you at your best.

Who is this for?

Corporate and private clients.

Groups and individuals

Leaders and team players: succeed in your professional position and attain your goals. Communication is key.

Are you having difficulties using your voice?

Do you feel you mumble and can not get heard?

Do you get a sore throat after speaking for 1 hour?

Do you want to know how to project your voice?

Do you want to improve your vocal delivery and communicate with ease at work?

Do you have a job interview and need help preparing for it?

Do you want to film yourself for your socials and you are full of insecurities and fears?

Do you feel insecure about your next presentation at work?

Do you feel taken over by your co-workers in meetings?

Do you want to improve your social media videos communication and get heard?

This is for you.

How do we start?

One to one sessions + Group sessions.

Both socially distanced.

Also Online sessions.

To start with I will analyse your needs and goals: identifying your weaknesses and strengths in order to build a specific program for you.


I am a trained professional coach in SLS, Dip from the Royal Academy of Music of London, Postgraduate in Pedagogy, having lectured at BIMM (Sussex University), Point Blank (Essex University), coached actors, singers, presenters and business' CEOs. 


We will start working together on your goals and deadlines in order to give you autonomy and confidence with your amazing instrument: your voice!!​

I am a specialist in Communication. So we will work on delivering your message and how this can be transmitted using your voice in a healthy way as well as working on body language and presentation.

Depending on our first assessment and the goals we establish together, we will work towards your aims in order to succeed, whilst also having fun enjoying the process. 


You will feel an improvement from the 1st lesson.