what people say...

Aj Holly, Events Manager

I have always wanted to learn proper voice technique. I held off for a long time as I wanted a teacher I believed in.
When I met Sara I knew straight away that she was a professional and someone I could put my trust in as a coach.

The sessions are really well structured and fun. I’m amazed how much there is to learn. I like the fact that Sara is honest and direct with me and I feel she genuinely wants to me to be my best.

It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  The cost of the lessons are really reasonable. I would recommend Sara to everyone, she's worth every penny and is a brilliant coach in my opinion.

Marc Myers, Football Coach

Since beginning these sessions I feel I have developed as person by unearthing a talent and spending time doing something as natural as speaking.
Being taught how to speak and communicate in the correct way technically has been an enlightening experience as my preconceptions of what makes a good speaker have been proven to be incorrect.
These sessions have allowed me to get to know myself better and have enhanced the
way I express myself.

Jasmina White, Project Manager

I met Sara over a year ago, and I can confidently say how much she has helped me already. Sara uses an individual approach and keeps it fun and dynamic. Always with great results.

With Sara's superb coaching and guidance I managed to land great project which I successfully accomplished. From there I managed to secure another project thanks to all the work we have done together.

I’m happy to say, she will be staying in my life for a long time. Sara wants you to be the best you can be, and pushes
you like an athlete.

Ivana Dimov, Singer

After working with many coaches, I went to Sara and experienced something completely different. She helped me with my singing like nobody else has and also helped me in other ways that are very important for someone who wants to become a successful singer. 


Sara helped me to change things I thought never could be changed. She is everything you hope a good coach should be; patient, understanding, professional and dedicated to every detail. She encouraged me to have faith in myself and never give up. I don't only consider her my coach, I consider her my friend because she gave me faith when I needed it. She opened my eyes and through sessions with her I gained the will to do better and better and never give up... I'm very grateful for that and very lucky to have Sara as a coach.

Pritee Hurman, Singer &

HR Manager

I have been a celebrated singer for my whole life, but no one was ever really able to help and connect with me and my singing style.

It took her first session to understand what was going on with my voice. We established early on that I had been using my chest and belt voice incorrectly, so much so that I had killed my head voice.
She quickly, effectively and efficiently introduced me to colours, tonality, how to use your muscles...This not only helped me with my singing but also in my corporate job, where I was able to use my speaking voice in a better manner and it gave me so much confidence.

When I didn't do my homework because life took over - she didn't get annoyed - she just got on with our session and I kept improving. I also swear she has eyes in my head - because when I'm using the wrong type of voice she always tells me what I'm doing wrong physically and how to correct it!

She is worth her weight in gold and all precious metals - you can't go wrong being coached by her!

Bruce Spencer, Finance Manager

Sara helped me to improve my voice and my confidence. I was very unsure about my voice when I met her. She basically brought my voice back to life and gave me so much more confidence as a person and as a professional.

Sara is a very versatile coach, incredibly creative and full of energy. She helped me to understand my voice, its power, and how to communicate with the intentions I wanted.
We also worked on my body presence and work presentations. It was a huge success and I started to get praised at work and eventually got promoted.
I highly recommend working with Sara, she will make you shine