I can help you with...

Voice Technique: breathing, projection, position, resonators, ear work in sync with voice and vocal range.

 Vocal Coaching: Use your voice to construct a character in Stage Work.

Use your voice to express freedom in Concert Work. Open up your range into more than 4 octaves.

Multiply your strength. Understand your instrument. Repertoire Building: The right Repertoire is the key to a successful career. Understand your casting type. Audition Preparation: attitude, presentation, performance work, song choice. 

Confidence building: Get rid of your fears by overcoming your weaknesses and mastering your strengths.

Discover the impossible within your voice.

Song writing concept: Look for the concept-core of the song and explore development of the song from it

Hooks: How to come up with 'catchy' hooks in an intuitive way

Arrangement: discover simply and organically the best one for your song

Song writing styles and history: learn the origin of all the styles we listen to today so you can master them.

Who is this for?

Adults and Children

Professionals and Amateurs

Groups and individuals

Do you want to sing but have insecurities about your voice and where to start?

Are you a professional singer or musician and need help building the right repertoire or require support to master your voice?

Do you need help with a certain part of your vocal range?

Do you feel you push and harm your vocal cords?

Do you want help mastering your mix voice?

Do you feel you have a special talent for singing but you feel lost?

Do you like singing but every time you sing you feel that you are out of tune?

Do you want to learn how to write and sing your own songs? 

This is for you.

How do we start?

One to one sessions

Group sessions. Both socially distanced.

Also Online sessions.

To start with I will analyse your needs and goals: identifying your weaknesses and strengths in order to build a specific program for you.


I am a trained professional coach in SLS, Dip from the Royal Academy of Music of London, Postgraduate in Pedagogy. I have lectured at BIMM (Sussex University), Point Blank (Middlesex University) and have coached actors, singers, presenters and also amateurs. 

I have experience working with children, having run the singing department for the Music Hub at Montessori Schools and the Tri Borough of London. I am a recording artist (signed to MARS Label Group, part of BMG) and have toured Europe several times with different projects, including KOMRAUS. I have also worked in renown studios like Metropolis Studios and Abbey Road Studios alongside highly regarded singers and producers. You can find more information about this in the 'About Me' section.


We will start working together on your goals and deadlines in order to give you autonomy and confidence with your amazing instrument: your voice!!​ 


You will feel an improvement from the 1st lesson.